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Trade 80+ cryptos at a competitive price in a safe and simple way.
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What is the difference between ‘Easy trading’ and the exchange?
‘Easy trading’ is most suitable for people who are new to trading, HODL’ers who don’t trade a lot or those who enjoy a simple interface. It’s an intuitive and effortless way to buy and sell digital assets quickly. Meanwhile, our exchange is mostly used by professionals who require advanced tooling to trade and automate their processes.
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How do I buy crypto at SolarBee?
Buying crypto at SolarBee is simple:
 1. Create an account.
 2. Deposit funds.
 3. Choose your crypto and place an order.
 4. Securely store your assets.
 5. Start your crypto journey with SolarBee today.
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Can I send my crypto from and to external wallets?
Yes, it is possible to transfer your crypto to or from external wallets. You can find your wallet address in your portfolio tab. Please note that some cryptos are currently in trade-only mode: withdrawals and deposits are disabled for those.
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